Daily Practice To Recharge And Reconnect In Quarantine

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55 Minutes


Yoga Mat






During this pandemic situation, quarantine can be a challenging time spending alone, disconnecting with the community. Yoga can offer great results during this period to keep you positive and confident, as well as to improve your strength and flexibility.

This class features a mindful sequence of gentle stretching postures and simple breathing techniques to reconnect yourself. Suitable for everyone in a limited space.

Begin with breath awareness, dynamic shoulder, chest, upper body, and spine movements. Follow by lateral stretching and twisting variations. You will learn to stretch and release tightness in different areas of your body. Slowly come to seated position, loosen the ankle and hip joints, and practise forward bend variations that helps to improve digestion.

In the second part of the class, you will stretch the lower back, the hips and the thighs simultaneously in a seated crossed leg position with forward bend. Move into postures against gravity such as reverse table pose that helps to maintain muscle tone. Relax with neck and back stretching pose like rabbit pose.

End with a sequence of breathing techniques including alternate nostril breathing to calm the mind. Option with an energising breathing technique to continue the rest of the day.

After the practice, you will be able to kick away physical and mental tensions, to reconnect and recharge yourself.

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