Begin Your Hatha Journey

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This class features a basic hatha yoga sequence with a comprehensive flow of balancing, forward bending, backward bending, twisting, and lateral stretching poses. Suitable for all beginners.

Begin with dynamic shoulder, chest, upper body, and spine movements, followed by lateral stretching poses like the triangle pose, which helps improve spinal health. Flow through balancing poses such as the tree pose, the goddess pose with the heels up, and the dancer pose, which are good for improving body awareness, coordination, bone density, and muscle tone. This is followed by backward bending poses such as the camel pose, and then the bridge or wheel pose, which are great for opening the chest, extending abdominal muscles, strengthening back muscles, and increasing lung capacity for breathing.

The second half of the class focuses on seated twisting and forward bending poses, which improve joint mobility and blood circulation, and stretch the nerves along the spine. End with a rejuvenating breathing technique.

You will explore the fundamentals and benefits of hatha yoga and discover how to integrate breath and movement to your practice.

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