Deep And Detoxifying Twists

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120 Minutes


Yoga Mat, Yoga Blocks, Yoga Strap






This two-hour class will guide you into different twisting movements. You are reminded to be aware of your own body condition before going into advanced postures. Avoid deeper twisting if you encounter any discomforts in the body.

Begin with body and breath awareness. Some dynamic warm-ups stretching and activating the back, then releasing stiffness in the joints, such as the shoulders, hips and ankles. Lateral stretching, chest opening and spine lengthening are emphasized to prepare one's body for twisting.

The class will first introduce gentle twisting poses in standing positions, such as revolved twisting and revolved triangle. Slowly move into kneeling position as low lunge with twisting, hip and hamstring stretches are incorporated. Followed by seated twisting with variations like the revolved head to knee pose.

You are then guided into some advanced postures such as revolved triangle with binding, side crow that requires arm balance, and fallen angle which is an inversion pose. Modifications are given, you may challenge yourself according to your own pace.

Neutralising poses such as gentle hip and spinal movements, breathing techniques are introduced throughout the class to release any back tension.

After the practice, you will learn how to prepare yourself for deeper twisting poses, and advance your practice according to your body condition.