The Body, Mind And Soul Detox

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60 Minutes


Yoga Mat, Yoga Blocks, Yoga Strap






This class is perfect for cleansing both your body and clearing your mind. It focuses on breathing techniques and twisting postures. Master Yogananth will guide you into dynamic and slow subtle breathing, breathing-combined stimulating movements called kriyas. Combine with the singing bowls performed by Master Vienna, the sound and vibrations are healing and detoxifying for both the body and mind, removing negative energy, and bringing in positive attitudes and thought processes toward life.

You will practice a series of twisting postures, which stimulate and massage the internal organs. They are very effective in releasing toxins from the body, maintaining gut health and boosting the immune system. They also help to release back muscle tensions, give more stretch to the breathing muscles and increase breathing capacity.

This rejuvenating class is recommended to be practised with an empty stomach and preferably in the morning. Take it easy if you feel too much pressure on the stomach, take a longer pause if needed. 

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