About Yoga from the heart

Yoga from the Heart is an online platform by yoga practitioners for yoga practitioners.

While many fitness platforms offer a variety of workouts and training programmes, Yoga from the Heart focuses exclusively on the yoga practice. We believe that harnessing our strengths and collective knowledge is the best way we can serve our community during these changing times.

Just like our in-person instruction, all yoga classes on this site are traditional and designed to provide therapeutic benefits. Our goal is to educate and equip you in your journey, whether you are an experienced yoga instructor or a student who is just getting started.

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About the founder

Dr. Yogananth Andiappan is the founder and director of yoga studio Anahata Yoga in Hong Kong. Located in the heart of the Central Business District, Anahata Yoga has served the local yogi community for more than a decade, introducing the practice to thousands of local, immigrant, and expatriate communities in the city. The studio is also dedicated to training instructors, hundreds of whom go on to pursue careers in yoga. 

Dr. Andiappan is also the founder and chief editor of Asana, a yoga journal with an international readership; and the founder of Andiappan Yoga, a non-profit that partners with other organizations to spread the practice and benefits of yoga. To date, the non-profit has facilitated more than a thousand yoga classes and meditation sessions across Hong Kong and online. 

Dr. Andiappan’s yoga journey started in childhood. He is the son of Dr. Asana Andiappan, a world-renowned yoga guru best known for his research on yoga’s ability to treat a number of bodily ailments, based on the classical yogic text, Thirumoolar’s Thirumandiram

Growing up, the junior Andiappan made it his life mission to share yoga and its benefits to people across the world. He most recently obtained his Ph.D. for his research on the benefits of yoga for breast cancer patients. 

Today, Dr. Andiappan continues to live out his mission through his work in yoga education and training, publishing, volunteering, and his latest digital venture, Yoga from the Heart—a platform dedicated to educating and connecting yoga instructors, students, and practitioners across the globe.

What we offer

Yoga from the Heart has two main sections, which are updated on a weekly basis:

Yoga Classes

Enjoy more than 500 hours’ worth of yoga classes categorised by difficulty, duration, and calories burnt; currently trending classes; and classes recommended by other students. 

The Yoga Poses Clinic illustrates how to execute common yoga poses safely and properly, while the Andiappan Yoga section features 120-minute classes focused on specific movements, such as back bending, front bending, twisting, core strengthening, shoulder and upper back opening, and hip and hamstrings inversion. These classes are taught specifically by instructors of Andiappan Yoga lineage.

We also have a Mindfulness section dedicated to meditation classes, and a Yoga Therapy section that showcases therapeutic sequences for various conditions.

Yoga Poses Library

Every yoga practitioner will benefit from understanding—and knowing how to execute—things like Pranas and Marma, and poses with varying intensities and anatomical movements. Discover and learn to execute 500 yoga poses and more as we continue to update our online library. Each pose includes a video to illustrate its proper execution, along with audio to instruct on the proper pronunciation. Our Yoga Poses Library also includes sections on prenatal yoga and kids yoga, while categories on yoga therapy and partner yoga will soon be added.

Why we created this platform

We want to serve you in the best and safest way possible.

Through Yoga from the Heart, we’ve made our in-person classes available and accessible wherever you are, whenever you choose to practice. While nothing beats the presence of community and the experience of yoga in a classroom, we believe in making things work for you and your personal preferences and circumstances. Yoga from the Heart helps us do that for you.

We want to help yoga practitioners achieve a holistic practice.

Yoga is more than a workout, a bodybuilding exercise, or a pathway to pulling off impressive headstands. Yoga comes with therapeutic benefits, and our platform is designed to help you achieve those benefits in all areas of life. Our instructors practice yoga as a lifestyle, and approach it with a focus on both the mind and body

We want to offer a reliable online platform for yoga students and practitioners.

Our site is home to hundreds of video classes as well as a library of 500+ yoga poses, with more poses added weekly. All poses are classified under easily searchable categories and come with details to educate practitioners on its respective benefits. We want to bring the world of yoga within arm’s reach, whether you’re learning a new pose or perfecting a new sequence.

We want to offer highly qualified and experienced yoga instructors a platform to share their knowledge, skills, and wisdom

We believe not only in supporting our yoga students, but also our yoga instructors, who continue to educate practitioners and spread awareness of yoga’s health benefits. 

At Yoga from the Heart, we are extremely selective with our instructors because we believe in the importance of learning from lifelong practitioners who have more than just knowledge and skills, but also years of research and teaching experience.

There are thousands of yoga instructors who teach on hundreds of platforms, many of whom may not have experienced teaching full-time. All instructors on Yoga from the Heart are full-time teachers who have dedicated their lives to yoga. They have taught in studio group sessions and private one-on-one classes, assisting hundreds of students every week. 

They have the expertise to help students address real-world challenges in their practice, from the limitations of practising yoga at home, by themselves, or while dealing with a temporary ailment. 

Moreover, our teachers are versatile—they teach poses as well as their applications in various physical and mental health conditions. Their passion for yoga and sharing its benefits to a wider audience has been exemplified in their in-person teaching—and today, you’ll get to experience this same passion and dedication on the Yoga from the Heart platform.