What type of content is available on yogafromtheheart.live?

Yoga poses library

You will find an expansive yoga poses library and a detailed description of poses classified under various yogic categories.

Pre-recorded Yoga videos

Yoga from the heart (YFH) is designed to help you search and browse pre-recorded yoga videos in many different ways. You can search by using keywords and also use filters to search the class type, class level, approx. calories burnt, duration, by the teacher and even by user recommended and currently watched videos.

To view the recently updated yoga class video you can also use the search filter for the latest updates.

Live Stream Yoga Classes

We offer over 100 live interactive classes per week.

What packages I can buy from Yoga from the heart website?

We offer two types of plans and packages

Pre-recorded classes – (over 500+ hours classes)

You can practice pre-recorded classes whenever it is convenient for you

To get access to pre-recorded classes package, join a plan here https://www.yogafromtheheart.live/plans-and-packages/

Interactive Live Stream Classes (over 100 classes per week)

We offer 100+ live stream classes every week where you can book and join interactive online classes via zoom. 

Click here to view the live stream class schedule.

Click here to view the live stream class packages

Once you have enrolled for a live streaming class package or plan, you can download our app in the Apple App Store or Google Play store to get started practicing right away!

Is it possible to add videos to my favorites list in recorded yoga classes?

By clicking on the heart icon on the class video page, you can select these videos from the dropdown filter on the video search page if you are interested in taking the class again later.

What is the purpose of recording my attendance in the recorded yoga classes section?

The thumbs-up icon on the pre-recorded class video page allows you to keep track of classes you have completed in the past. On the video page, you can see the number of times you have taken that class. Additionally, you can play class videos by clicking the classes you have attended in the past.  We all have our favorite classes and teachers, don’t we?

We can also send you the class recommendation based on our teachers’ advice regularly to your email inbox so you get the best guidance possible.

How to upgrade my current monthly plan to a yearly plan?

Visit the account detail page and choose the upgrade button to upgrade to the yearly plan.  The remaining validity of your monthly plan period will be upgraded to the yearly plan

Is it possible to request a specific yoga class video?

We strive to improve the video content constantly. Please feel free to send us your feedback and suggestions. Our recommendations are also based on the trend of students practice and suggest alternative classes that are suitable for your level and goal.

We welcome any suggestions you may have at support@yogafromtheheart.live

Is it possible to download the videos?

At present, all video content and the image library are only available for online viewing. Videos can be bookmarked for viewing later using the favorites feature. Our app will soon include videos that can be downloaded.

I cannot play my video. Why?

Does your system meet the requirements for live streaming?  Make sure you clear your browser’s cache to keep up with the latest updates. If you still experience a problem, please contact us through the contact page.

What are the minimum system requirements for viewing videos?

To watch videos, you will need a stable internet connection. Close all the tabs in your browser and play the video to get a better connection speed. 

Why is my video buffering, skipping, or stopping?

The video streaming buffer is determined by your internet speed. We recommend you connect the PC to a direct internet line. If using a tablet, please make sure it has good Wi-Fi access with a minimum of three bars. 

Can I stream videos on my mobile device?

Yes, you can download our Yoga from the heart app in the Apple Appstore and Google Play store to access all features on the go!. Check out our Facebook page and Instagram page for the latest updates.