I have enrolled for a monthly / yearly plan in Yoga from the heart website. How can I book live stream classes with my free credits? 

We thank you for enrolling in the plan. You will receive a separate email with the details of the free live stream credits.  You also have the details of the login credentials to book the live stream in that email. 

How many free credits do I get for signing up for monthly and yearly plans?

By subscribing to the monthly plan in this yoga from the heart site within your two-day trial period, you will receive 5 free live streaming credits per month which you can use to book any 1 hr group class listed on the live streaming schedule page. 
By subscribing to the yearly plan in this yoga from the heart site within your two-day trial period, you will receive 10 free live streaming credits per month which you can use to book any 1 hr group class listed on the live streaming schedule page. 
Please note that unused class credits cannot be carried over to the next month.

How do I know which class to choose?

You can visit this page to see the recommended class to attend as per your goal and lifestyle.  https://www.yogafromtheheart.live/class-suggestion/

What is the time zone listed on the live stream class schedule page?

Please note that the schedule for all the classes is in GMT + 8 (Hong Kong Time).

If I wish to attend more live stream classes, How can I top up my credits?

If you wish to purchase more live stream classes or purchase separate live stream class package please visit this page: https://www.yogafromtheheart.live/plans-and-packages/

I already have a monthly/yearly plan with free credits every month. When I add the additional live stream package, do I still get the free credits I receive every month?

Additional purchases are separate from free live stream classes, and they won’t impact your access to recorded classes or free live stream credits. You can book a live stream with either package.

Why I am not able to book Andiappan Yoga live stream classes with my free credits?

Andiappan Yoga live stream classes are specialty classes that need a separate package. So please follow the steps above and buy a separate class package in which you can book Andiappan Yoga classes. 6 Months Unlimited Live Stream Classes Package can book Andiapappn Yoga Live Stream Classes. 

How will I get the live stream class link after I have booked the class?

Once you have booked the live stream yoga class, you will receive the class booking confirmation email with the online class link. Always log into the Zoom online platform at least 5 minutes before the scheduled class and wait for the teacher to admit you into the class. Please don’t share the live stream yoga class link with anyone.

 What is the admin support number for live stream classes?

If you encounter any technical issues during the online session, please send us a message on WhatsApp at +852 9299 0753 (message only no calls) and kindly wait for a response.

What are the live stream class booking cancellation policies?

Credits will not be reversed if you choose to cancel the live stream class.  To avoid loosing live stream credits please only book the classes if you are confirmed to attend. As it is an  live stream class, early booking is not necessary as there are no limits to the number of spots per class. You can book 10 mins before the class and the confirmation email with the zoom link will be sent to you immediately.

What is the cancellation policy for the monthly and yearly plan?

Visit the “My Profile” link on the home page and selecting “Subscribe Plan” and then click the “Cancel” button. Your account will remain active until the end of your subscription and you will not be charged again.

Do you have a mobile app which I can get access to the recorded classes and book live stream classes?

Yes we have our own mobile app – Please download the Yoga from the heart app  in the Apple app store here, and Google play store here.

No Sharing Account Information

You must not share your zoom online platform username and password with others.

You may be asked to keep your camera ON during the live stream class, and we reserve the right to remove the student from the class without any refund.

Please make sure your internet connection has a good speed and also the devices you use, Yoga from the heart app, Zoom app, and your operating system software are regularly updated to get the best user experience.