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Yoga from the Heart is an online platform by yoga practitioners for yoga practitioners.

While many fitness platforms offer a variety of workouts and training programmes, Yoga from the Heart focuses exclusively on the yoga practice. We believe that harnessing our strengths and collective knowledge is the best way we can serve our community during these changing times.

Just like our in-person instruction, all yoga classes on this site are traditional and designed to provide therapeutic benefits. Our goal is to educate and equip you in your journey, whether you are an experienced yoga instructor or a student who is just getting started.

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Poses Library

Explore the library of over 500 yoga poses, with poses added weekly. All poses are classified with easy to search categories, and come with details to educate practitioners on its respective benefits. We want to bring the world of yoga within arm’s reach, whether you’re learning a new pose or perfecting a new sequence.

Yoga Class Videos

கோர் யோகாவை அனைவரும் செய்யலாம்

இந்த யோகா வகுப்பு வயிற்று தசைகளை பலப்படுத்துகிறது மற்றும் அதிகப்படியான கொழுப்பை குறைக்கிறது

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Yin Yoga With Singing Bowls

Relax, reset and recharge with this beautiful combination of yin yoga and singing bowls.

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Enchanted Garden Kids Yoga

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開胸開背 喚醒心輪

Anahata Chakra 心輪位於我們的心臟,掌管著同理心,慈悲心和對自己及別人的愛。

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Yoga Per La Schiena

Questa pratica yoga della durata di 60 minuti aiuterà a sciogliere la colonna vertebrale, attraverso una serie di pose mirate al riequilibrio della postura.

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30分鐘 正念內觀陰瑜伽


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Core Yoga To Strengthen Your Lower Body

Join Master Selva in this multilevel core yoga class that will help you improve your core strength and focus on your lower body.

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Practice Hatha Multilevel to Align Your Body

This Hatha Yoga Multilevel Class, designed to greatly enhance your practice and perfect for regular practitioners. 

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Yoga to Balance and Strengthen

Practice balancing poses for a mix of strength and flexibility.

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Yin Yang Yoga

This Yin Yang class targets deep stretches in the hip, hamstring and quadriceps and challenges core strength.

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Energising Power Vinyasa Flow

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Energising Power Vinyasa Flow

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Hatha Multilvel with Hips and Hamstrings Focused Poses

Join master selva and experience the benefits of a regular yoga practice for both body and mind.

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Andiappan Yoga - Make Inversions Fun and Accessible With Chair

This is an Andiappan yoga series, inversion themed with chair as a prop. Chair offers more support and deepens the stretch, which makes advanced postures more accessible. Making use of props helps guide better coordination and flexibility, and gives a new experience to our yoga practice.

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Andiappan Yoga - A Yoga Twists Routine To Improve Digestion

This Andiappan yoga twist routine will take you through various rotational movements to stretch and strengthen the muscles around the spine, increasing the range of motion; as well as improving digestion by massaging the digestive organs.

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Andiappan Wall Series: Deepen Your Practice With Wall Support

This is our signature Andiappan themed class on wall series, it starts with a series of warm-up sequences and then followed with students’ self-practice. 

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Improve Hip Strength And Mobility To Live Well

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Deepen Your Practice With Consciousness

A 60-minute advance class for different levels of practitioners to progress your practice mindfully.

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Meet Our Instructors

Our Team of yoga Instructors are full time teachers who have dedicated their lives to yoga.

Dr. Lakshmi Andiappan
Anurag Kapil
Anuja Chowdhry
Dr. Yogananth Andiappan