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Welcome to Yoga from the heart

Yoga from the Heart is an online platform by yoga practitioners for yoga practitioners.

While many fitness platforms offer a variety of workouts and training programmes, Yoga from the Heart focuses exclusively on the yoga practice. We believe that harnessing our strengths and collective knowledge is the best way we can serve our community during these changing times.

Just like our in-person instruction, all yoga classes on this site are traditional and designed to provide therapeutic benefits. Our goal is to educate and equip you in your journey, whether you are an experienced yoga instructor or a student who is just getting started.

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Poses Library

Explore the library of over 500 yoga poses, with poses added weekly. All poses are classified with easy to search categories, and come with details to educate practitioners on its respective benefits. We want to bring the world of yoga within arm’s reach, whether you’re learning a new pose or perfecting a new sequence.

Yoga Class Videos

Start Your Day With A Gentle & Grounding Yoga Flow

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Meditation To Release Physical And Psychological Stress

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கர்ப்ப காலத்திற்கான யோகாசன பயிற்சி முறைகள்

கர்ப்ப காலத்திற்கான யோகாசன பயிற்சி முறைகள் ஆண்டியப்பன் யோகா சிகிச்சை இந்த கானொளியில் கொடுக்கப்பட்டுள்ளது

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Improve Balance And Challenge Your Centre Of Gravity

A yoga balance sequence to improve your body coordination and create balance and stability physically and mentally.

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Yin Yoga To Promote Healthy Flow Of Energy

A slow-paced yin yoga sequence focused on stretching connective tissue around the joints, tendons and ligaments. A perfect class to destress your body and mind.

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Empower Your Prenatal Journey

A complete guide to help moms-to-be to stay healthy and strong during pregnancy.

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Andiappan Yoga - Twisting for better detoxification in the digestive system

Our signature two-hour Andiappan Yoga class focusing on twisting. 

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Yoga Balance - Go Beyond Your Limitation

A balancing class to build foundations as well as to discover your strength and weakness.

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Advance Your Practice - Multilevel Hatha I

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Power Yoga For Revitalisation

A powerful yoga sequence to build strength and stamina.

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Meet Our Instructors

Our Team of yoga Instructors are full time teachers who have dedicated their lives to yoga.

Dr. Lakshmi Andiappan
Anurag Kapil
Anuja Chowdhry
Dr. Yogananth Andiappan