King Cobra Pose

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Ankle-Plantar Flexion, Elbow-Extension, Hip-Extension, Knee-Flexion, Neck-Extension, Shoulders-Flexion, Spine-Extension, Wrist-Extension


Alphabet Theme-K, Animal Theme, Sports Theme-Dancing, Sports Theme-Running, Sports Theme-Swimming, Sports Theme-Volleyball, Story Theme


Prone-Back bend


This pose strengthens the back body muscles. While we lengthen the spine and lift the chest, it also opens the front side of the body, chest and throat and expands the breath. King Cobra, as a back bending pose, is a wonderful pose to help us feel calm, grounded and safe when stress or challenging life situations threaten to overwhelm.


Children should avoid this pose if they have any injury in the abdomen, arms, shoulders and back. If one feels any strain on the lower back, relax the pose to lower oneself a bit, or release down to rest on the forearms.


DescriptionKing Cobra Pose is a pose that kids of all ages have fun with! Children strengthen their spines, as they stretch and try to touch their toes to their heads.
  1. Begin by lying on your belly in a prone position.
  2. Place your hands flat on the floor, by the chest.
  3. Inhale, lift the upper body off the floor and straighten the elbows.
  4. If you are ready for a challenge, bend your knees, and try to touch your toes to the top of your head.
  5. Hold for a couple of breaths, then release your legs and upper body to rest.
Animal ThemeCobras have the ability to raise the upper part of their body and flare their hoods out in order to make them appear larger and more intimidating to predators. They don’t run away, they meet challenges head on and rise to the challenge.
Alphabet ThemeK for King Cobra
ActivityAdding a 'hiss' breath focuses and lengthens the exhale, which is a breathing technique in yoga that quiets the mind while balancing the nervous system. Try breathing in as you lift to cobra and then hissing your chest back down to the floor. Try a few rounds of our Sun Dance to get your heart pumping and your spine warmed up for deeper back bending poses like Bow Pose and Camel Pose.