Tripod Head Stand Lotus - Kavaiasana

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Ankle-Inversion, Elbow-Flexion, Hip-Abduction, Hip-External Rotation, Hip-Flexion, Knee-Flexion, Neck-Extension, Shoulders-Flexion, Shoulders-Internal Rotation, Spine-Extension, Wrist-Extension


Alphabet Theme-T, Object Theme, Sports Theme-Dancing, Sports Theme-Gymnastics


Inverse-Front bend


This pose strengthens the spine and promotes blood flow to the brain. Lotus pose stretches the hips and ankles. Tripod Head Stand with Lotus variation allows children to challenge themselves and offers satisfaction when they can master the pose.


Poses with any weight put on the head and neck are not recommended for children under 6 years old. Children should avoid this pose if they have any injury in the neck or back. Always practice safely and mindfully. Start gradually with variations that allow your child to build up strength and flexibility. Try using a wall for support to begin before freestanding.