Yogadandasana - Variation - Yoga Staff Pose - Variation

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Elbow-Flexion, Knee-Flexion, Left Ankle-Dorsiflexion, Left Hip-Abduction, Left Hip-External Rotation, Left Shoulder-Internal Rotation, Neck-Rotation, Right Hip-Abduction, Right Hip-Internal Rotation, Right Shoulder-Hyperextension, Right Shoulder-Internal Rotation




Improves flexibility of the hip joints. Improves hip alignment. Tones up the buttocks and thigh muscles.


Hip, knee, ankle or lower back conditions.


This is an intermediate seated posture that requires a great range of flexibility. It helps to improve the hips and spinal flexibility, tones up the buttocks and thigh muscles.

Preparations for the pose include double pigeon, snail pose, seated hip stretch against the wall, happy baby pose.

To perform the pose, sit on the floor and place the left foot on the right thigh closer to the knee. Twist the torso to the right side and bring the left arm locking the right leg and left foot. With the left arm hug the right foot and lock the right foot inside the armpit. Slowly move the left foot away from the right leg and maintain the left foot locked inside the left armpit. Bend the right leg out. Bring the right arm back to bind with the left hand.

This pose is a variation of the Yoga Staff Pose. If there is a strain in the right knee, the right foot can be press on the floor or extend the leg on the floor instead of internally rotating the hip and dropping the knee down. This pose can also be practised in a supine position.