Improve Hip Strength And Mobility To Live Well

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60 Minutes


Yoga Mat, Yoga Blocks, Yoga Strap, Wall






Hip Strength and Mobility is fundamental to our quality of life as we age. It is important to maintain joint stability and mobility to live and perform well, as well as to prevent injuries in our daily activities.

This session begins with proper warm-up techniques. In order to strengthen and stretch the hip area, you will learn a range of passive and active forward, lateral and middle split postures. More interestingly, you can challenge yourself to attempt various advanced postures. You will also be guided to make use of yoga blocks and straps to achieve correct asana alignment and reduce the risk of injuries.

After the practice, you will have a better understanding of the hip anatomy and learn how to apply yoga practices which will aid in your ability to maintain good functional strength and mobility across the hip region.

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