Andiappan Yoga - Make Inversions Fun and Accessible With Chair

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90 Minutes


Yoga Mat, Yoga Blocks, Yoga Strap, Chair






This is an Andiappan yoga series, inversion themed with chair as a prop. Chair offers more support and deepens the stretch, which makes advanced postures more accessible. Making use of props helps guide better coordination and flexibility, and gives a new experience to our yoga practice.

The class begins with regular warm-up sequence and then followed by postures making use of a chair. You will learn how to stretch the hips and hamstrings, twist the spine, and open the shoulders and chest with the chair. Many techniques will be introduced and you can practice them as long as you have a stable and supportive chair.

After an adequate amount of warm-ups, Master Yogananth and Phoebe will guide you through various inversions and back bending postures including headstand, elbow stand, handstand, shoulder stand and plough pose. Ends with neutralising postures and breathing exercises. Take progressive steps to learn how to go in the pose and you will learn how to find stability in the pose.

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