Improve Balance And Challenge Your Centre Of Gravity

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60 Minutes


Yoga Mat, Yoga Blocks, Yoga Strap






Yoga balance improves physical stability, it also helps to develop mental and emotional steadiness. Remaining steady and centred in a balancing pose improves focus and helps to relieve stress. This class features a sequence of balancing poses.  Suitable for all levels. Straps and blocks to be prepared.

The class begins with chest breathing and warm-ups such as hip, ankle and shoulder rotations; neck and lateral stretches, and some spinal movements. Come down to cat and cow poses, and various quadriceps stretching and strengthening poses like low lunge and squat. You will learn to find the centre of gravity step by step, shifting the body weight forth and back. The first part of the class starts with leg balancing poses like tree pose; then progressively move into warrior I, warrior III, half-moon pose. You can also challenge yourself with a dancer pose.

The second part of the class focuses on seated balancing poses such as boat pose, then holding the big toes widening the legs sideways. Staying in the poses improves balance as well as strengthens the core and back muscles. You can then challenge yourself with the lifting lotus pose. The class ends with supported fish pose and gentle twisting poses.

You will explore your limitation and progress in your practice. You will be amazed by the control you have in the journey of finding balance. You will build strength and stability.