Ultimate Forward Bend Series for Spinal Health

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80 Minutes


Yoga Mat, Yoga Blocks






This class features a forward bending sequence that improves postures and overall calmness. Forward bending postures are good for the digestive system. Recommended practising in the morning with an empty stomach for the best outcome.

You will be guided into a series of forward bending poses from standing to sitting. Modifications are given to reduce pressure on the lower back. Suitable for all levels.

Begin with dynamic warm-ups and active breathing such as twisting and shoulder mobility movements to increase blood circulation. You are reminded to draw attention to spinal lengthening and chest opening. 

Move into the wide-legged standing pose with forward bending, twisting and chest opening variations to stretch the back of the legs and spine. Progressively to seated forward fold with leg variations such as butterfly and cow face. You may then challenge yourself with advanced postures like tortoise and firefly pose, choose your options to practice safely. Neutralize with some twisting poses.

After the practice, you will feel uplifted and invigorated.

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