Andiappan Yoga - Complete Core Conditioning

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97 Minutes


Yoga Mat, Yoga Blocks, Yoga Strap






Our signature Andiappan themed class on building core strength and preparing your body for advanced postures.

This class will give you a better understanding of the core and guide you into movements to strengthen the entire core including the thighs, buttocks, obliques, back muscles, and abdomen.

Core practice is considered a yang practice, activating the fire element in the body, increasing body temperature and energy flow. Strengthening the core muscles also helps to improve postures and stability.

This class begins with breathing techniques and warm-up to stretch out the body gently and prevent cramps in core practice. You will start with strengthening the thighs and calves in a standing position, going through chair pose variations such as heels up and squeezing a block in between thighs. Wall support is recommended if you encounter challenges in balancing or knee pain.

You will then learn to improve stability by holding a plank pose against gravity, then flow into low plank pose in repetition, you will be guided with clear instructions step by step. You will also learn boat pose variations and progressively prepare yourself for arm balancing poses such as lifting lotus and peacock pose.

Through the traditional Andiappan teaching sequence, you are reminded to be patient and consistent, keep an open mind and pace yourself in the practice.

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