Building Foundation in Hatha

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60 Minutes


Yoga Mat






This hatha-based sequence features a comprehensive flow of balancing, twisting, forward bending, and backward bending poses, with a focus on breath-combined movements. Suitable for regular practitioners.

Begin with a standing warm-up of the shoulders, spine, and hips. Continue with standing forward bending poses, which give a good stretch to the hamstrings. Balancing poses such as the chair pose and half-moon pose give stability to the ankles, strength to calf muscles, and improvements to overall leg balance. Twisting and lateral stretching poses such as the gate pose, the simple seated side stretch, and the supine twist open up the body, especially for beginners. Backward bending poses, such as the wheel and reverse table, help strengthen the back and stretch out the body. End with alternate nostril breathing techniques to balance energy flow through the body and mind.

You will be encouraged throughout the practice to reconnect more with your mind and body. 

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